Mittwoch, März 30, 2011

Don't Make Fun of...

Wilson hätte hier gesagt: One of the last true madames of our decade. Nun, Wilson ist unter der Erde und eines Tages wird Stil sich tatsächlich an der Kombination aus Hello Kitty und C&A messen lassen müssen. Ich werde diesen Blick also vorm Spiegel schon mal üben...

Montag, März 21, 2011

Towards a Third Cinema

Until recently, film had been synonymous with spectacle or entertainment: in a word, it was one more consumer good.

Mittwoch, März 16, 2011

This is a story about love imagery

This is a story about love imagery, the way we get infatuated with concepts and ideas more than individuals at this age.

Dienstag, März 08, 2011

Between love and a garbage disposal

This state of affairs, which arose out of a struggle against poverty, overshoots its ultimate goal - the liberation of humanity from material cares - and becomes an obsessive image hanging over the present. Between love and a garbage disposal,